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Finding a great cricket club can be a bit difficult. Cricket is not regarded as one of the United States’ most popular sports, but we do however have a couple of great clubs that offer loads of benefits to fellow cricket fanatics.

As seasoned coaches and athletes, we know about the whereabouts of some of the best cricket clubs in the states. On this page, we’ll share information on some of the greatest clubs that’s situated in your vicinity that would be great to join.

Sarasota International Cricket Club

Sarasota International Cricket Club was founded in 1983 and consists of cricket lovers from all walks of life. Their mission is to promote cricket by hosting games and tournaments open to everyone.

Silver Springs Shores

Expats in 1988 founded the Silver Springs Shores cricket club. Since then, the club has grown into one of the top-rated cricket clubs in the area. The provide opportunities for amateur players to play as well as host various types of social events.

Tampa Cricket League

Tampa Cricket league opened its doors in 2007 with a mere four teams. The club’s membership comprises of both young and older players, and also offers youth cricket coaching to the public.

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