Cricket Betting 101: An Introduction to Cricket Betting Strategies

cricket field - Cricket Betting 101: An Introduction to Cricket Betting Strategies

As with any sports betting, one cannot simply start betting without having a solid understanding of the various variables that can play a role in the outcome of a Twenty20 cricket match. These variables will often give you a good idea of the outcome of the match, and allow you to make smarter and more informed bets.

Join us as we take a look at some of these variables you need to be aware of before reaping the rewards of betting on Twenty20 cricket.

Bet After Team Selection

In Twenty20 cricket matches, the team is announced after the coin has been tossed. While some punters prefer betting before knowing what the team selection is, it can be very helpful to know what the team selection is before placing your bet.

Wait for Coin Toss

The coin toss can provide some insights as to who will have the upper hand during the match. Whoever wins the coin toss, will be able to bat first, which in turn will influence the outcome of the game. In Twenty20 games specifically, the team that bats second will have the upper hand.

Understand Home Advantage

As with other sports betting strategies, you need to understand the home advantage. Some teams may very well perform much better when they are playing on grounds, they are familiar with. If a team has the home advantage, its best to keep this in mind before placing your bet.

bats - Cricket Betting 101: An Introduction to Cricket Betting Strategies

Know the Batsmen

Because Twenty20 games are way quicker than normal test matches, the batsmen have a stronger and faster batting style. If you know your team and the batsmen well, wait for the team selection to be announced to see who the batsmen are before placing your bet.

Know the Markets

You’ll need to know the teams and when Twenty20 season is coming up. Major teams who partake in Twenty20 matches include India, England, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, South Africa and the West Indies. Familiarize yourself with each market as they all differ slightly from one another.

Learn Types of Bets

And finally, you’ll need to learn the different types of bets you will be able to make when betting on a Twenty20 cricket match. The most popular bet is of course the overall winner of the match, but there are multiple betting options you’ll be able to explore as you get started betting on Twenty20 cricket.

The best advice we can give is to get to know the game, the teams and the players very well. Keep your eyes on the latest news and familiarize yourself with team dynamics. You also need to have a very good understanding of betting types and places where you can bet on cricket. But most importantly, you should have fun while doing so. Good luck!

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