Top 10 Cricket Teams Around the Globe

pitcher - Top 10 Cricket Teams Around the Globe

When it comes to cricket stats and the ranking of the best teams, there are a few teams that stand out from the crowd. The gentleman’s sport was made popular in England, and has become one of the most watched and followed sport to date.

In this post we take a look at some of the greatest cricket teams from around the globe. These teams have earned their spot on our list fair and square, boasting multiple wins and some of the world’s best players.

australia - Top 10 Cricket Teams Around the Globe

#1: Australia

This year the boys of Oz had a bit of controversy regarding ball tampering, but they remain one of the strongest teams in the world. The Australian team is also one of the oldest teams in the history of cricket.

#2: India

European sailors introduced the game to India in the 18th century, but it was only in 1932 when the country had their first National team. Their first test match was played in Lord’s where they became the sixth team to be granted test cricket status.

#3: Pakistan

Also referred to as the Men in Green, Pakistan is a formidable national team with a stellar track record. They have achieved what seems to be an impossible task; winning all the major ICC tournaments.

england - Top 10 Cricket Teams Around the Globe

#4: England

Along with Australia, England was one of the very first teams to play test matches. The team was also part of the first three teams to form the Imperial Cricket Conference, which also included South Africa and Australia.

#5: Sri Lanka

Also referred to as the Lions, Sri Lanka first came to the cricket scene playing test matches in 1927. It was only in 1982 that the team was rewarded test status, making them the eighth test cricket playing nation.

#6: West Indies

The West Indies cricket team is also known as and officially branded as the Windies. The team has had multiple great cricketers, some even considered as the world’s best. During the 70s and 90s the Windies were considered the strongest international cricket team.

#7: Bangladesh

Even though Bangladesh, or the Tigers as they are also called, only received test status in 2000, they remain one of the most remarkable cricket teams worldwide. The team won the ICC trophy in 1997, which allowed them to participate in their very first cricket World Cup in England.

three players - Top 10 Cricket Teams Around the Globe

#8: New Zealand

Also called the Black Caps, the New Zealand cricket team became the fifth country to play test cricket in 1930 when it went head-to-head against England in Christchurch. The game is said to have been played in New Zealand since the 17th century.

#9: South Africa

The South African cricket team is also known as the Proteas. The team joined the international ranks when they hosted a match in 1888. Even though they did not perform well at first, they managed to grow their expertise and skills to become one of the strongest cricket teams in the world.

#10: Kenya

Often it is the underdog that comes out tops, and such is the case with the national cricket team of Kenya. They only joined the ICC as an associate member in 1981 and have played five cricket world cups from 1996 until 2011.

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