New Player Registration

  1. Each club must be registered as a club and have all their players registered online via five (5) days prior to the beginning of the competition.
  2. Additionally, an email/ letter/ fax must be sent to the league with the names of players for the upcoming competition concurrently.
  3. Additional player(s) must be registered on-line by 8:00 PM on the Thursday prior to the scheduled date of the match in which the player(s) will be playing and the Secretary must be provided with his name via email/ mail/ fax.
  4. Players will not be considered registered until payment of the appropriate registration fee, which must be received by the Wednesday following the date of online registration.
  5. The Assistant Secretary Treasurer will be the responsible Officer in all matters of player registration.
  6. Clubs that play unregistered players will automatically lose the game and will also be subject to any other penalties as set by the general body.
  7. SHELL SHIELD – players registered for clubs at the start of a season that are playing on a conflicting date in a “shell shield” game will have that game played count towards playoff eligibility. Proof must be provided i.e. match report or score-sheet from that game.
  8. TRANSFERS – Any player that has played in at least one game of a competition for a club is not allowed to play for another club during the same competition.

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