FSCL Match Reports Submission Process

Updated: 01/25/2012
Both visiting and home teams are responsible for sending the match report to the league. Both team captains and both umpires have to sign the scoresheets before submission to the league.

So the new process is:     

A) Both teams make sure we have a completed scoresheet with all names properly spelled and stats. 

B) Both team captains sign scoresheet.     

C) Both umpires sign scoresheet. 

D) Email match reports in the .mxp format to fsclstats@hotmail.com by midnight Wednesday after the match.     

E) FSCL will update the database and post match reports on our website by Friday. 
F) It is the responsibility of the opposing teams to verify the information posted. Any discrepancies should be brought to the committee’s notice immediately, so we can address.

G) Two points will be deducted for all match reports submitted after the Wednesday midnight deadline.    



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