The 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches of All Time

cricket g ame - The 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches of All Time

In any sport there will be some memorable moments during important matches. The kind of moments that will leave an impression even years after the actual event took place. This is also the case with cricket. Can you recall one of your own most memorable moments in cricket history? Perhaps it is featured on our list.

Join us as we take a look at some of the most memorable moments in cricket history. There might even be one you did not expect.

1. 1983: West Indies Vs India 1983

A lot of people believe that the venue of a match has a massive impact on the outcome. When India played the finals against the West Indies in 1983, it was on home ground. India came out tops in this match, and won the 1983 Cricket World Cup even when the odds were stacked up against them.

2. 2007: India Vs England

India desperately needed to win against England after losing against New Zealand during this Super-8 Match. Things weren’t looking good when there were only 20 balls left in the first innings when Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes against Stuart Broad.

player - The 5 Most Memorable Cricket Matches of All Time

3. 2011: West Indies Vs India

Thanks to the outstanding performance of Nazafgarh Virendar Sehwag, India scored an impressive 418 for 5, making it the highest ODI score in the history of cricket. During the match Sehwag scored 219 runs out of 149 balls which included seven sixes and 25 fantastic fours.

4. 2013: Sri-Lanka Vs India

In 2013, India came out tops against some of the world’s strongest cricket teams during the ICC Championship. India beat England by five runs and continued to beat Pakistan, West Indies and South Africa. They won the ICC Champion Trophy after beating Sri-Lanka during the semi-final.

5. 2015: South Africa Vs West Indies

And finally, we come to the last of the memorable moments in cricket. During a single match AB de Villiers accomplished the unimaginable and achieved batting the fastest Half Century and Century in ODIs during a single match. De Villiers still holds this record to this day.

And that’s a wrap! Was any of your most memorable cricket moments featured on our list? If not, give us a shout and we’ll be sure to add it.

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