Our Pick of The Top 8 Cricket Players of All Time

cricket palyer - Our Pick of The Top 8 Cricket Players of All Time

From the best batsmen to the most talented all-rounders, there are loads of talented cricketers out there. Whether you rank them according to their specific skills or their impeccable sportsmanship, these talented players may seem like they were born to be professional cricketers.

We’ve selected our favorite and who we consider as the very best cricketers of all time and list them here. The list does not focus on a specific role or talent, but includes an overview of the most talented cricketers.

#1: Sir Don Bradman

Thought of as the very best batsmen of all time, Sir Don Bradman was an exceptional player with a talent for batting. He averaged about 100 in test cricket.

#2: Kapil Dev

Not only was Kapil Dev a fantastic all-rounder for India, but he was a great batsman with exceptional bowling skills. He also lead the team to winning their first Cricket World Cup in 1983.

in the field - Our Pick of The Top 8 Cricket Players of All Time

#3: Imran Khan

In 1992 Imran Khan captained the Pakistani team and led them to winning the Cricket World Cup. Thanks to Khan’s fantastic leadership and cricket skills, the team came out tops.

#4: Jacques Kallis

Next up we have South African cricket superstar, Jacques Kallis. Kallis is seen as the ultimate allrounder who can accomplish just about anything. He boasts 24,000 runs with 500+ wickets.

#5: Shane Warne

When it comes to the best leg spinner, Shane Warne is the guy with the talent. Warne is considered to be the best leg spinner in the world of cricket and has darted batsmen a total of 708 times in test cricket.

#6: Ricky Ponting

Our list would be incomplete without a mention of Ricky Ponting. He led the Australian team to two World Cup victories while he was the captain. He boasts 27,000 runs in the span of his career.

#7: Shaun Pollock

Another South African player on our list, and thought of as one of the best bowling allrounders. Shaun Pollock had an average of about 23.11 and took 421 wickets in test matches.

#8: Jack Hobbs

Also referred to as ‘The Master’, Jack Hobbs is a true cricket legend. He was a talented batsman, and averaged about 56.95 in test matches, an impressive achievement.

And that’s all of them! Was your favorite cricketer featured in our list? If not, you should contact our office and let us know who you think should also be included in our cricket Hall of Fame. Or you can tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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