FSCL By-Laws

Updated January 09, 2008

1.   Player Registration

a)       Each club must submit a list of 18 players to be registered by the deadline set by the general body prior to the beginning of the competition.

b)       Additional player(s) may be registered on-line by 8:00 PM on the Thursday prior to the scheduled date of the match in which the player(s) will be playing and the Secretary must be provided with his name via email/ mail/ fax.

c)       Players will not be considered registered until payment of the appropriate registration fee, which must be received by the Wednesday following the date of registration.

d)       The Secretary and / or the Treasurer will be the responsible Officers in all matters of player registration.

e)       Clubs that play unregistered players will automatically lose the game and will also be subject to any other penalties as set by the general body.

f)         Any player that has played in at least one game of a competition for a club is not allowed to play for another club during the same competition.

2.   Dress Code

a)       All players, including substitutes are required to be properly dressed for all FSCL matches. Shirts must have a collar.

b)       All Shoes and belts must be predominantly white.

c)       Umpires have been given the authority to disallow a player if he is not properly dressed.

3.   Code of Conduct

a)       It is expected of all players to demonstrate proper conduct, discipline and sportsmanship.

b)       It is the responsibility of all players to obey all Park, Ground and School rules, in order to maintain good relations.

c)       Captains will be held responsible for the conduct of their players.

d)       Players who by action, words or deeds discredit the League or the game of Cricket will be subject to disciplinary measures.

4.   Disputes

a)       All disputes shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee.

b)       Disputes must be submitted to the League within 48 hours.

c)       Clubs will be allowed the opportunity to represent their case.

d)       The Executive Committee shall render a decision no later than Friday of the same week.

e)       Decisions arrived at will be binding.

5.   Umpires

a)       Umpires are the officiators of the game and enforcer of the rules. They should be given full respect and cooperation, and they are expected to be of proper conduct and to provide fair decisions.

b)       Umpire fees are payable during the Innings break.

6.   Home Ground

a)       Availability of a Home Ground is the responsibility of the individual Club.

7.   Covers

a)       It is mandatory that the Home Club have covers available and ready for use in the event of rain. The Covers must be capable of covering the entire mat plus at least six feet of the bowler’s run-up.

8.   Match Reports

a)       All teams are mandated to use the League’s official Scorebook.

b)       The visiting team has the sole responsibility of submitting the score sheets for the match.

c)       For matches actually played the score sheets

i)         Must be legible

ii)       Have the names of the 11 players of both teams declared for the match

iii)      All relevant match information

iv)      Must be signed by both captains and the umpire(s).

d)       For Matches Abandoned without a ball being bowled, Default Matches and Forfeited Matches the score sheets

i)         Must be legible

ii)       The names of the 11 players of neither team are not required

iii)      Any applicable relevant match information

iv)      Must be signed by the visiting captain, and if available the Home Team Captain and the umpire(s).

e)       Such score sheets shall be considered the Match Report for that match and will be the only means by which playoffs eligibility will be determined.

f)          If no report is received by Tuesday immediately following the match the visiting club will be subject to such penalties as set by the general body.

9.   Playoffs Eligibility

a)       To be eligible for the playoffs a player must have played in 50% of the scheduled matches actually played by his team. Fractions shall be rounded upwards.

b)       Matches Abandoned without a ball being bowled, Default matches and Forfeited matches are not considered matches actually played and will not count towards playoffs eligibility. Consequently, the qualifying will be reduced to reflect the actual number of matches played by the club.

c)       Clubs may object to a player’s eligibility on the basis of that player having participated in a FSCL match and another match on the same day during FSCL hours of play. It is the responsibility of the club making the objection to provide documentary proof of the violation.

d)       A Player playing on conflicting dates in  SFCA Classic competition may have up to a maximum of 2 games count towards playoff eligibility providing that the player was included in the initial list of 18 players registered at the start of the competition. Proof must be provided i.e. match report or score-sheet of the game(s) for which the eligibility is being claimed.

e)        Any player who is selected to a FSCL representative team, a USACA Regional Team or a USACA National Team at any level, may have such matches, if played on a day his club is scheduled to play in a competition match, counted towards playoffs eligibility.

f)         The Executive Committee may grant playoffs eligibility due to injury and/or for other exceptional circumstances.

10.   Averages

a)       To be eligible for Batting, Bowling or Fielding Averages Awards, a player must have played in a minimum of 50% of the scheduled matches in that competition.

11.   FSCL Teams

a)       To be eligible for selection on any FSCL representative team, a player must have played in a minimum of 80% of the league’s scheduled competition matches in the period starting from the most recent Inter-League Regional Tournament and ending at the time the selection is being made.

12.   Match Default

a)       Any club that default or forfeit a game shall be subject to such penalties as set by the general body.

b)       In addition to the forfeiture fee, the club is also liable for their portion of the Umpire’s fees and any applicable ground fees.

c)       Additionally, the ground must be deemed playable by the umpire before the game starts, otherwise the home team will lose the game.

13.   Meeting Attendance

a)       All clubs must have representation at the general meetings.

b)       If the club plans to be absent an email/ letter must be forwarded to the league (in writing) prior to the meeting.

c)       If no such written notification is received, the offending club will be subject to such penalties as set by the general body.

14.   Re-scheduled Matches

a)       Prior approval must be obtained from the Executive Committee before any match can be re-scheduled. Clubs wishing to re-schedule a match must provide to the league an agreement from the opposing club to re-schedule and a re-schedule date.

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