Florida Southeast Cricket League (FSCL), an organization of member clubs dedicated to the development and promotion of Cricket in the United States of America, was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization in the State of Florida. Currently FSCL has 17 member clubs and over 400 registered players taking part in Cricket tournaments and competitions locally, regionally, and nationally. This umbrella organization comprised of teams from tri-county areas (Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach) was formed to organize the sport of cricket played in South Florida.

12 Teams will be participating in the T20 Overs Competition that starts on May 7th, 2017

FSCL 35 Overs Finals

35 Overs Finals was played between Atlantis and Toofan on May 7th 2017 at Central Broward Regional Park.


Please join us for the action !

FSCL 35 Overs SemiFinals

SemiFinal 1 was played between Toofan and Kendall Stars. Team Toofan won the game. Scorecard

SemiFinal 2 was played between West Palm and Atlantis. Team Atlantis won the game. Scorecard

FSCL 30 Overs Finals

30 Overs Finals was played between Atlantis and Toofan on January 29th 2017 at Central Broward Regional Park.

Team Atlantis won the 30 Overs Championship as they beat Team Toofan by 5 wickets.  Scorecard

Sheldon King and Elvis Watson stole the show with Sheldon scoring an unbeaten 65 and Elvis picking up a 5 for !

Arun Pareek scored a gutsy 81 to help Toofan put some runs on the board.

Congratulations Team Atlantis on winning the 30 Overs Championship !

FSCL 30 Overs SemiFinals

Toofan beat India United in the first semifinal game that was played on 22nd Jan 2017. Scorecard

Atlantis beat Miami Knights in the second semifinal game that was played on 22nd Jan 2017. Scorecard

FSCL 30 Overs Playoffs

Congratulations Team India United and Miami Knights for securing the semifinal spot.

Quarter final game 1 will be played between Toofan and Cricket on 15th January 2017

Quarter final game 2 will be played between West Palm Beach and Atlantis on 15th January 2017

FSCL T20 Finals

T20 Finals was played between West Palm and India United on October 2nd 2016 at Central Broward Regional Park.

In a rain affected match, India United beat West Palm Beach by 10 wickets – Scorecard

Congratulations India United on winning the T20 Finals !


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FSCL T20 Semifinals

  1. India United beat Cricket Junkies by 5 wickets – Scorecard
  2. West Palm Beach beat Falcons by 13 runs – Scorecard

Congratulations to Team India United and West Palm Beach on reaching the T20 finals

Quarter Finals – Results

  1. Falcons beat Toofan by 4 wickets – Scorecard
  2. Cricket Junkies beat Kendall Stars by 10 wickets – Scorecard
  3. India United beat Atlantis by 3 wickets – Scorecard
  4. West Palm beat Florida International by 5 wickets – Scorecard

Congratulations to Cricket Junkies, India United, West Palm and Falcons on reaching the semifinals

FSCL T20 Playoffs

The T20 Playoffs will begin with Quarter Finals on 09/18/2016.

Congratulations to Toofan, Cricket Junkies, India United, Atlantis, West Palm Beach, Florida International, Kendall Stars and Falcons on making it to the top 8.

Good luck to all the teams.

Here is the Quarter Final Schedule (09/18)


ICC Combine Event

Several members of our league participated in the ICC combine Event that took place at CBRP Stadium, Florida. Congratulations to Srinivas Nandina and Arun Pareek for being selected in the playing for the games.

And we would like to thank the other members who participated and tried their best to complete and qualify for the final 11.

Here is the 11 member squad that was sent to represent our league :
  1. Arun Pareek
  2. Giridhar Yalavarthi
  3. Hemanth Vayurru
  4. Yasir Ahmed
  5. Rehan Ahmed
  6. Rana Adil
  7. Suhas Varadaramanujam
  8. Sreeram Nimmala
  9. Durgaprasad Choubey
  10. Sovdeep Das
  11. Srinivas Nandina

Teams played two 40 over games agains MCC team on 14th and 15th September, 2016

USACA Press Release

FSCL 2016 35 Overs Season

Congratulations Team India United on winning the 2016 FSCL 35 Overs Championship


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